Graeme Willetts - Sound Recordist 

I am a Sound Recordist with 9 years of experience and in this time I have worked for some great production companies including the BBC, ITN, Saatchi & Saatchi, Avalon, Merman, RDF Television, Creative England and the BFI to name a few. I've been involved in projects that have been played at the Royal Albert Hall, BFI London Film Festival and various BAFTA qualifying festivals across the UK. I was the Sound Recordist for the 2018 Oscar winning short film 'The Silent Child'.

I love my job and have a great passion for what I do and try to be a positive cheerleader for the shoots I work on. In my time as a Sound Recordist I've met a whole range of interesting people and filmed in a range of exciting places, such as, USA, Canada, Spain and even the exotic lands of Tamworth. 

I have worked with most cameras and can send timecode to them wirelessly or through a cable. I also label my files to keep a faster workflow. I can also offer In-Ear monitoring for Directors, Clients and Script Supervisors.